Robi Bondho Sim Offer 2021- 6GB Internet &120 Minutes Free

Robi Bondho Sim Offer 2021- Now you can get all the great offers as soon as Robi turns off the connection. If you are a Robi customer and you haven’t used your Robi SIM for a long time then come back to Robi now and enjoy all the great offers. Robi’s closed SIM has more attractive offers including internet minutes and SMS. Today we are going to discuss all kinds of offers here.

Robi Bondho Sim Offer

Our country is going digital and the number of our internet subscribers is increasing day by day. As well as the price of the Internet is increasing over time. For which many people are now struggling to buy internet. However, Robi is giving the cheapest internet pack in this country.
  • Operator Name : Robi
  • Offer Name : Off Sim Offer
  • Available : 2021

Eligibility for Robi Bondho Sim Offer

This offer is applicable for Robi customers who have not activated SIM for a long time. There are two ways to find out if you are covered by this offer. We will discuss the two methods in detail here.
Check your number online
To find out if your SIM is included in the closed SIM offer online, you first need to visit Robi’s official website where you will find a place to give your phone number as soon as you click on the Silent SIM offer. After providing the phone number at the specified place, if your SIM is applicable to the offer, you will be given the offer.
Check Eligibility by Mobile SMS
If you want, you can easily see the closed SIM offer via SMS from your mobile. For which you must go to the message option of mobile.
A<SPACE>Your Mobile Number

Send the SMS to 8050 Number

Example : A 01833925216

Robi Bondho Sim Internet Offer

Those of you who are Robi subscribers know that Robi offers internet at the lowest rates in the country. So you can use Robi SIM without any hesitation. But if you come back to Robi then all the interesting internet offers are waiting for you. Which is discussed in detail here.
6GB Internet @48tk
The good news for Robi customers is that if you turn on Robi off SIM, now only 48% recharge 30 days validity 6 GB internet. So if you have turned off any of your Robi SIMs, turn it on now and enjoy great internet offers.
Robi subscribers will be able to enjoy this offer only once so they must recharge Tk 48. Remember if you want to use dial code you will not be able to enjoy this offer.
  • Offer Balance : 6 GB Internet
  • Cost : 48 Taka
  • Validity : 30 Days
  • Balance Check : *3#
 4GB Internet @120tk
Another exciting new internet offer is just waiting for you. You get 4 GB internet bonus for only 120 rupees. The good news is that you can buy this offer again and again. Of the 4GB internet for a period of 30 days, 3GB is for any internet use and 1GB internet is for 4Ginternet use only.
  • Internet Balance : 4GB
  • Cost : 120tk
  • Validity : 30 Days
  • Balance Check : *3#

Robi Bondho Sim Minute Offer

As soon as you turn on Robi connection, you will get minute offer along with internet. It’s really fun to get two big offers together. So as soon as you can you re-launch the Robi connection and enjoy the Robi Minute offer.

120 Minutes on 119 Taka Mobile Recharge

After activating the Robi connection, if you recharge your mobile for 119 rupees, you will get 120 minutes. After activating the SIM, you must see if you are eligible for the closed SIM offer. If you are eligible, you can enjoy this offer only by recharging.
  • Minutes : 120
  • Recharge : 119 Taka
  • Validity :30 Days
  • Call on : Any Local Number
  • Balance Check :*222*2#

Special Call Rate

You must come back to Robi to enjoy the special call rate. If you recharge 48 taka, you can send parcel 48 paisa to any number 24 hours a day. To enjoy this offer you must recharge your mobile and the offer is valid for 30 days only.

Terms and Conditions

  • To find out if you are eligible for this offer, you must enter and verify your number as we have discussed.
  • This offer will continue until further notice by the Robi Authority.
  • The Authority reserves the right to change this offer at any time.
  • You can easily see all the detailed information about the offer from Robi website Robi app.

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