Bayna Extra Artist Song- Fazlur Rahman Babu, Shuvro New Drama Songs and Lyrics

Bayna Extra Artist Song -Finally Most awaited song on this Eid has released now. The Theme Song of Bangla Drama Extra Artist is avaible now. So, those who are searching this song, it is the best place for you. In addition i have added Extra Artist Song here. So, check the article carefully.

Extra Artist Bangla Natok  Details

There are a lots of number Eid Drama has released on this Eid. But few of them has become popular and viewers has given a huge response. Extra Artist is one of the best Drama which was released on 7th day of Eid on Dhurba TV Official YouTube Channel. Now we will show you the full details of this drama.

Drama Name Extra Artist
Director Tanvir Ahmed
Cast Fazlur Rahman Babu, Aleen Shuvro
Story Tanvir Ahmed
Release Date 1 May, 2020
Premiere On Dhurba Tv
Duration 1 Hour 2 Minutes

Fazlur Rahman Babu has played the leading role and Aleen Shuvro is played his son role. Extra Artist Drama is directed by Tanvir Ahmed. Beside he has written the story of this drama. The Drama has released on Dhurba Tv Official YouTube Channel on May 1, 2020.

Bayna Extra Artist Song

Bayna Extra Artist Song at a glance

Not only the Drama but also the song of this song is too good. When all the viewers has watched the Drama, all of us must listen the theme song. Now time to know the full details of this song.

Drama Name Extra Artist
Song Name Bayna
Music Amzad Hossain
Lyrics Shohag Waziulla
Singer Milon Mahmood

This is the best song on this Eid. Amzad Hossain nailed the song with his music. On the other hand Milon Mahmud works his best on vocal. In a word it is an amazing song. So, you must enjoy the song.

Bayna Extra Artist Song Lyrics

Shohag Waziulla has penned the song. This is the best soulful song. In the lyrics we have found the meaning of life. So, In addition i have added the song lyrics.

স্বপ্নের কাছে করতে গিয়ে বায়না
ভেঙ্গে গেছে জীবন দেখার আয়না
তবু তেষ্টা দেখার শেষ টা দসেয়ালের এপাশে
কি যে পাচ্ছি, কি যে হারাচ্ছি সর্বশ ভালবেসে
নিজের গল্প কখন যেন হয়ে গেছে নাটক
আমার গল্প কেউ পড়েনা আমি একায় পাঠক
আহা সময় তুমি যা শেখালে ,আর তো কেউ শেখায় না
আহা জীবন তুমি যা শেখালে আর কেউ তা শেখায় না

Extra Artist Drama Story

The movie story based on a Side Artist who is a very hard working person. But every stage of his life he is neglected. But one day he has got a chance to play a main role of a Drama. What will happen next ? You have to watched the Drama for answer.

Fazlur Rahman Babu is playing the lead role. Within any doubt he is the best artist in Mini Screen. On the other hand Aleen Shuvro has played an important role. In a words after the biggest success of Bikel Belar Pakhi , Extra Artist is also success.

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Final Words : At last we suggest you to watch Bangla Natok to save our Drama Artist. So, all of you must enjoy the article. Stay with us.


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